Self Defense For Women


i-LEAD is here to make a real difference in fighting violence against women in South Africa.  

We provide face-to-face and internet-directed information for women of all ages, to equip them with the tools necessary to defend themselves and their families.

Our goal is to prepare you mentally and physically so that if attacked, you have a fighting chance to get to safety. 

Find out more about our organization and what we do.

Why do we assist?

A few seconds may change your life. You could become a 'victim' or the 'victor.' 

You can avoid an attack altogether by becoming more conscious of your surroundings. Attackers are not looking for a type, they are looking for a target.   

Join the i-LEAD program and learn basic techniques to save your life. 

"It is not the size of the woman in the fight; it is the size of the fight in the woman! "

What we do

  • We provide free Self Defense Training to women and girls that stay at Safety Shelters for abuse and/or human trafficking.
  • Regularly provide free Self Defense Training to the community. 
  • We sponsor Shelter participation in Walkathons and other sporting events.
  • Donations of food, clothing, equipment, training gear and other special needs are made to Shelters actively participating in the i-LEAD program.   
  • We also offer assistance to women in obtaining Secondary and Tertiary qualifications. 

How can you help?

i-LEAD will endeavor to make this training available to all who desire it, regardless of physical or financial limitations. Get in touch with us to: 

  • Sponsor a workshop.
  • Assist with donations to our Shelter Network.
  • Sponsor self defense weapons (for women who attend our workshops), sporting gear (such as punching bags, self defense safety gear), and more.

Our Passion

We are passionate about being a leader and catalyst for change in fighting violence against women in South Africa. We will make the i-LEAD Safety Awareness and Self Defense program available to all women who desire to learn. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to help women protect themselves against violence in South Africa by providing Safety Awareness and Self Defense as a life skill training program.

Our Vision 

We will teach you to protect yourself, to be strong and fierce!

You will LEARN to be prepared for any situation. Through training you will feel EMPOWERED, ACHIEVE your goals, and walk out knowing that you can DEFEND yourself!