How We Help

i-LEAD class activities and discussions help participants identify their risks, evaluate their strengths, and to explore their options for dealing with a violent threat. Training programs are designed to educate and promote awareness regardless of your level of fitness or self defense knowledge.

What We Do

Life Skills Training Through the i-LEAD Self Defense System

Safety Awareness: Teaching awareness and preventative measures to avoid an attack

Self Defense: Physical self defense techniques to get to safety

Weapons Defense: Safety and disarming of lethal weapons

Yoga: Creating a mindset change to deal with trauma, ‘Breathe through trauma’ series.

Survival First Aid: Basic first aid using what is available to get away safely.

Adaptive Self Defense: Self defense techniques adapted to cater for physical inabilities.

Train-the-Trainer Program

Enabling community members to increase outreach to rural areas. This is a full time 8-week program. Get in touch to learn more.

We offer customised self defense training for:

  • Corporate Workshops
  • College / School Seminars
  • Personal Training

If you are interested to learn more about our training, please contact us

We are happy to discuss how we can tailor a specific program for your company.  

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